Experience unmatched downforce and LMP race car technology, designed with safety and reliability as a priority- developed and built by racers for racers.

The Revolution A-One

The Revolution A-One A track and race car conceived, designed, developed and built by racers for racers. A car that matches LMP technology with a carbon tub and cutting-edge technology to affordability. The Revolution is a true two-seater and it is set to change the landscape for race and track driving enthusiasts the world over. It has been created by Revolution Race Cars, a company with the highest level of experience in this field, having brought together the very best engineers, designers, stylists and industry specialists in Europe. This car is the brain-child of Phil Abbott, one of the co-founders of Radical Sportscars, who under his guidance sold over 2000 cars to track drivers around the world, and now the Revolution takes the sports racer to the next level.

Amazing Features Included

Amazing Features Included

Advanced Design

By drivers, for drivers. Designed from the driver’s seat outwards, with driving pleasure and control as the number one priority.


Tested and developed by leading industry experts, TotalSim, The Revolution used advanced simulation tools to create a car able to generate more downforce than any rival, with a stable centre of aero pressure, delivering a dependable, consistent handling and feel.

Quality Product, Quality Service

Built by experts in each field, from composites to machining. Final assembly is completed by approved partners world-wide with a unique and personal service.

Safety & Durability

With the use of modern Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) and testing tools previously only used in Formula 1 and elite level 24-hour racing, all components are tested to loads more extreme than they will ever face on the race track.

Control Center


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