Andrés van der Dys

Esses Racing co-founder, Andrés van der Dys, is one of the most respected driver-coaches in the industry. He serves as the official driving coach for the company and is also in charge of business development.

He has more than two decades experience, which includes coaching and managing teams at Porsche, Audi USA, Lotus, MINI, BMW, HSR Modern GT, Formula BMW,  HSR Historic, Grand-Am, SCCA, and NASA.

He offers an array of different options to suit all levels of drivers, from beginners to pro level. His services include pre-event preparation, before the race event support, on-track coaching via radio or ride-along and lead-follow on the track, as well as data and video review sessions after an event that can guide the driver to meet their goals. Andrés has a history of moving young novice drivers from racing Go-Karts to becoming professionals in the industry, but he can successfully coach drivers of all experience levels.

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