Judd and Kristina Miller

Judd and Kristina Miller bring vast business and franchise experience to Esses Racing. They have helped launch numerous companies across the USA including Massage Envy, European Wax Center, Amazing Lash Studio, Full Psycle, Modern Acupuncture, Brisket U, Miller Time Racing and W2W Racing. While they are new to the professional racing industry, they’ve had a love for the sport for decades.
Kristina is the granddaughter of Texas racing legend and war hero, “Smiling” Buddy Rackley. Judd spent his weekends rebuilding engines and working on his cars. In the early 2000s, Judd would haul each of his four toddlers around for rides in his Hennessey Performance modified Viper, and then sold it for something more family friendly. “My parents have worked so hard to provide for us, but rarely did they do anything for themselves. The moment my dad got into racing, it clearly became a shared passion between the two of them”, said Maddie Miller, Judd’s oldest daughter and head of Esses Racing’s marketing.
While Judd and Kristina came up with the partnership concept, Phil Spano and Gareth Rees came up with the name, Esses Racing. Judd’s inspiration came as a result of being tired of dragging his heavily-modified Nissan GTR around in his own trailer, being his own pit crew, and traveling back from the racetrack exhausted, trying to get to work on Monday. “I think the reason I started winning races is because I handed the work over to this great team, so I could just show up and race, and make it back to my day job with some snap left,” said Judd.
Judd has come a long way as a driver. He attributed winning first place in the Master’s class of the 2019 Blue Marble Radical Cup- North America at Circuit of the Americas to the crew and partners of Esses Racing.

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